Sunday, April 09, 2006

Life is so comical... u win certain battles and u lose some....and the ones u lose and feel bad for it then, are the ones u remember more in the future.... and learn more from it than what u wud if u won!! Winning-a moment of glory, a few claps, some happy faces around... That apart, both victory and loss give one the same push to do certain things more... in a better way.. correct the mistakes.. As my friend said... "Remember Bhagwat Geetha... What matters is the effort we put in to make things happen.. rest is not in our hands".. I see a viscious circle in these things and thatz when life seems so comical...

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Has been a week since i landed and can now say i have got adjusted to the timings, food et.all. Colleagues here are fun to work with... Rt now, am working with a westindian, srilankan, a chinese and a canadian. The westindian i guess has not talked the first half of his life and is making up for it big time :D.... Visited Niagara falls this weekend.
Not many might completely understand the power of strike provided by a natural calamity... And one does not have to witness it to know its power too... The power of gushing water at the niagara shows it. The first thing that came to my mind as i saw was the existence of energy. Made me wonder if we all have that energy too... as we are nature's creation.... and more so as we have managed to control and channelise it. Had quite a long walk along the falls and was naturally hungry!! Just wanted to eat something and not worry abt how much it costs or what it is... I enter into a nice decent fast food center and order a slice of pizza and a sandwhich! Thatz the least in cost and most in calories!!! These guys are so hung up abt cheese... Its like, they have no other option but to use it. Sometimes for a person like me who wud anyday spill saliva seeing nice pooris, just prepared hot sambhar and spicy curries it can get mad!! Have decided to kuk once i move in. Letz see how it goes. Will in all probability be moving in tomorrow. In the meanwhile, somemore photos for future watch the treasured memories pleasure :D

Monday, January 23, 2006

Date : 21st Jan, 2006.
Time : 3:15 PM
Venue : Hyderabad Airport
Scene : 1 madrasi in a veshti checking in roughly arnd 200 Kgs of god knows what, split across 5-6 baggages. He had 2 kids and a wife accompanying him. I gave him a smile and he frowned....but what the heck.... the female at the check in counter smiled at him and he frowned there too.

Checked in the baggage and gave 1 last good bye hug to my mom... She also did that and gave me 1 last goodbye 'gyan' - Eat hot and healthy vegetarian food. Don't work over time.... Sleep early... Roam around as much as possible and keep calling regularly. Like a good boy i said yes to everything.

Flight to delhi was comfy. Got the last seat and that did not make any difference unlike a bus. Rimi was there at the airport.

Scene at Delhi
Me : Hello, Can you tell me where the departure gates are?
Delhi Police officer : Why do u want to depart??!!
Me : Konfuzed.

In the mean time Rimi found me and took me home... The Kawa or the kashmiri tea was amazing for that cold weather. And the dinner.... man... how i wish i had such a dinner day in and day out.... Eggs and Chicken along with Hot rice and dhal.... severe it was.

Pradeepa... sorry maga... fotos thoristha thoristha nindu baniyan haakond thegdiradu thorisde.... AvLu biddu biddu nagthidlu... yake antha gothilla... I think that was the time u were watching 15, park avenue.

Got a cab pickup to the intnl. airport and the rest was smooth until i landed at frankfurt..